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Jason Witkowski from the MMA Lab shows a Monoplata in July’s Technique of the Month

Jersey is back again with the July Technique of the Month, a mono plata. This move can sneak up on you and is very tricky and effective.  Thanks Jason, we appreciate you so much!

Hope you all enjoy the technique.

Congratulations to Tanner Montgomery, MMA Lab/JCBJJ Purple Belt

Tonight Tanner was promoted to purple belt at the MMA Lab.  Tanner, besides being a monster on the mat in BJJ, is a two time AZ state champion wrestler and helps coach youth wrestling programs in the area.  Tanner is a TOUGH guy on the mats and a great asset to our team.  Congratulations Tanner, you deserve it!

AZBJJF State Championship Pictures

This weekend was great as the team competed at the AZBJJF State Championships.  We finished in 3rd place, but had some great performances and scored more points than ever before.

The strength of our team comes from wonderful individuals, and we would like to share just a few of the medalists from this weekend.  Hope you enjoy!

Joe(1st div., 1st absolute purple), Scott (3rd div., 2nd absolute brown), Chris (1st div, 1st absolute purple)

R toL white gis: Isaac (1st div.) and Eric (2nd div.) Both these kids landed flying armbars!!!

Jonathon (2nd div.)

Dylan (1st Adult Blue div)  Dylan had a great showing in his first Adult Division!

The two on the far right: Maria (1st div., 3rd absolute), Vivian (1st div., 3rd absolute)

Chad (2nd div) with his wife Sarah.

Alfonso (1st div)

Juggy (1st div., 2nd absolute), Travis (2nd div., 3rd absolute)

Dontel (1st div)

Kevin Scott (1st div. purple), instructor of JCBJJ affiliate Goodyear BJJ.

Robert Drysdale Benefit Seminar at the MMA Lab

On July 16, one of the most decorated grapplers in the world is coming to the MMA Lab.  Robert Drysdale will be teaching 3, one hour classes to help one of our own, Federico Erikkson, with his fight against cancer. Fede has been a long time friend, student and Jiu jitsu fanatic, and to see his courage and fortitude in the face of his struggle has been inspiring to all who know and love him.  This is our chance, as the JCBJJ team, to help Fede and have a great time doing what we love to do.  Can’t wait to see everyone there!


JCBJJ Featured Student of the Month: June 2011

It is great to introduce you to David Farias, a brown belt instructor at Southwest MMA.  David is a very talented competitor and instructor and we are very glad to learn a little bit more about him.

Thanks for sharing David!

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Kelley Oser Wins by Armbar at Bad Boy Boxing

Tonight at Bad Boy Boxing, Lab Elite fighter Kelley Oser ran his undefeated record to 3-0 as he won by armbar in the third round.  Kelley did a great job using his takedowns to control the fight, and had two good armbars, finishing the last one for his third straight win.  We are very proud of Kelley and his awesome efforts in the gym.  If he continues like this, the sky is the limit!  Good job Kelley, your team and the Lab are very proud of you.

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Two MMA Lab/JCBJJ Competitors Medal at World Championships

The MMA Lab/JCBJJ team sent four competitors to the World Championships in Long Beach and both Dylan Means and Ben Henderson came home with bronze medals.

The weekend was a great experience for everyone, with some really competitive, exciting matches to see.  We are very proud of our guys; Renato Freitas (Brown Belt), Mike Morgan (Blue Belt), Dylan Means( Bronze medal, Blue Belt) and Ben Henderson (Bronze medal, Brown Belt).  Thank you all for a great experience!

Ben and Renato with Ben’s biggest fan; Song Henderson

Dylan Means on the podium

Ben doing his thing

Renato Freitas giving that look he gives

Three New Goodyear BJJ/JCBJJ Blue Belts

Tonight at the Goodyear BJJ seminar, three young men received their blue belts.  Congratulations to Kevin, Tyler and Dan, you guys are doing a great job!

From L to R: Kevin Scott, Tyler Aravelo, Dan, Kevin, John Crouch



Promotion Seminar tonight at Goodyear BJJ

Tonight was a fun night as we had a seminar at Kevin Scott’s school and JCBJJ affiliate Goodyear BJJ.  Kevin is doing a great job with his school and his students are improving rapidly, with three new blue belts and multiple students getting stripe promotions.  Many of the Lab’s brown and purple belts came to support and be part of a great night.  Thanks Kevin, we had a great time!

Jason Witkowski, MMA Lab, shows the JCBJJ Technique of the Month for June

Jason moved to Arizona a couple of years ago and has been a huge asset to our gym and the Lab family. He has helped teach our kids program and has shown us some great tricks that he brought with him from New Jersey.

Here he shows a cool half guard sweep to a knee bar that has been working on a lot of folks around the Lab.  Even Big Scott makes a cameo as “Jersey” shows us this awesome technique.

Thanks Jason!