Monthly Archives: December 2011

Efrain Escudero in Las Vegas for UFC 141

Efrain arrived in Vegas on Monday to begin his pre-fight preparations for UFC 141. He was glad to be back in Vegas and at the MGM Grand, the site of his last UFC victory.  This video blog takes a quick look at some of the things that go on at the UFC, and some things that Effy and his team do to make the time go by.  We also included some of his team mates wishing him well for his fight. Effy is very excited to be back and is ready to give his best effort against Jakob Volkmann.  We hope you enjoy this video blog from UFC 141.

The Twelve Days Remix with Reynaldo Moreno!

Merry Christmas to everyone, we hope that you had a great holiday with those people you care about the most.  We have had a great time bringing you the JCBJJ Twelve Days of Christmas and we thought we would put them together with some music for a quick remix of the JCBJJ 12 Days.

THE Reynaldo Moreno provides the soundtrack as we take a toungue in cheek look back.  Happy New Year to all, 2012 is going to be a great one…

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas…

Well , we made it to Day 12 and I guess it’s the old man’s turn to show something.  My favorite guard pass is the Old School Gracie pass taught to me by Rorion and Helio Gracie when I was  a blue belt at the Gracie Academy.  It takes some practice, but it is a valuable tool and one that I trust a lot.  Hope you guys have enjoyed these techniques, we have certainly enjoyed bringing them to you!

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas….

Efrain “Hecho en Mexico” Escudero takes a minute out of his preparation for UFC 141 to show us a double leg for our eleventh day in our countdown.

He  has been working hard for the last year and a half, and we are all very excited to see Effy back where he belongs.  Thank you Efrain!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

It’s crazy that the tenth day is already here!  Jason Witkowski takes some time to show us an inverted armbar from the guard. Love this technique and Jersey does a great job with it.

Thanks Jason!

On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

Our resident Brazilian, Renato Frietas, shows us a sit down sweep takedown that he loves to use.  Why is called a turbo sweep?  Because Renato thought he only had one minute to get through his technique!  So pay attention, this is a good one!  Thank you Renato…

On the Eighth Day of Christmas….

On our eighth day, Jaret Doctolero shows us an armbar from the guard.  The ladies call him the “Love Doctor”, so I guess we should too.

Thanks for taking the time Jaret!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas…

So, on our seventh day, Chris “Gritz” Gruetzemacher shows us a cool flying scissor takedown into a heel hook.  Anyone that is a fan of MMA will remember this one as the move that Ryo Chonan caught Anderson Silva with.  Hope you guys enjoy, thanks Gritz!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas….

Halfway to to day twelve, today Tyler Rolland shows us a whizzer throw that ends in a triangle.  Pretty cool technique, thanks Tyler!

On the Fifth Day of Christmas….

For our fifth day,  UFC lightweight title contender “Smooth” Ben Henderson shows a single leg defense he uses all the time.

Time to start up with those yoga classes!