Monthly Archives: November 2014

IBJJF World Champion Tanquinho Mendes Wins at Legacy Fights

Tanquinho Mendes is one of the most prolific competitors in modern BJJ, having won two No-Gi World Championships, and an IBJJ World Gi title as well.  Since turning his attention to MMA, Tanquinho has won four fights, all by submission, with his last win coming at Legacy Fights in Houston, TX.  Winning by RNC just 30 seconds into the first round, Tanquinho has put the MMA world on notice that he is on his way.  We are so lucky to work with such a dedicated and talented athlete, and are very excited to see his progress as we all continue together.  Congratulations Tanquinho, well done!


“Cool Hand” Luke Sanders Wins RFA 135 Belt

It was a great night in Denver, CO, as Luke Sanders continued his undefeated record, and had a dominant performance as he won the championship belt for the RFA.  Facing an opponent who was 12-1, Luke overwhelmed him, and finished him just 39 seconds into the very first round.  We are so proud of Luke and all of his hard work; this is only the beginning of a very exciting career for him.  Congratulations Luke!


Congratulations to New JCBJJ/MMA LAB Purple and Blue Belts

Was a fun week at the LAB, as we were able to promote some folks to new belts.  Jesse, Thibault, David, and Michael were all promoted to blue belt, while Cory, James, and Duane all received their well deserved purple belts.  These guys worked very hard for these promotions, and we are very proud to be part of their journey.  Great work guys!james jesseDuane Michael David thibault cory