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JCBJJ Technique of the Month: June 2013

Vivian Freitas was just awarded her well-deserved purple belt, and in honor of that, she shows us a really cool triangle set-up. Vivian and her husband, Renato, have been long time friends, and are great people as well as great jiu jitsu practitioners,  and we are so lucky to have them on our team.  This technique is dedicated to our good friend, Karen Naisoro, down in Sydney, Australia.  Hope you guys enjoy!

The Champ is a Black Belt

On Monday, June 3, Benson Henderson was awarded his black belt by John Crouch.  The ceremony, held at the MMA Lab, was attended by a huge number of students, fans, and family, as the Lab team gathered to celebrate this “once in a lifetime” acheivement.   Benson went through the self defense curriculum, and there was a congratulatory video, and then the black belt was tied around his waist.   We are so proud of Ben and all the things he does for his teammates and our Lab team.  Good work Champ, so many great things are in your future!

Click on the photo to see the congratulations video


From L to R: John Crouch, Benson Henderson, Augusto Mendes, Santino DeFranco

Tanquinho Wins World Title

Congratulations to our Lab Elite Teammate,  Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes,  on his IBJJF World Championship.  This young man has long been a stalwart competitor on the IBJJF circuit, but this was his first World Championship.  Tanquinho will be focusing his efforts on his MMA career now, and we are very excited to have him and his championship work ethic on our team.  Congratulations to you Tanquinho, we are all so happy for you.