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New Belts Tonight at the MMA Lab

Tonight, at the MMA Lab, two very special people were promoted to their next belt level.

Chuck Gatti has been a member of the Lab since it opened, and has been a friend and a great supporter through the years.

Jason Witkowski came to Arizona from  New Jersey over 4 years ago and has become an invaluable part of our family.

It was a great pleasure to give both of these wonderful people their promotions, and we are looking forward to making many more great memories as the years go by.  Congratulations guys!




Back Row (l to r): Mike Martin, Eric Hallier, Scott Boehler, James Strang, Chad Wilson, Brian Weinbrandt, Jonathan Hill, David Brady

Front Row (l to r): Maria Magana, Renato Freitas, John Crouch, Ben Henderson, Jason Witkowski, Chuck Gatti, Vivian Freitas, Chris Zubrycki



Chuck Gatti with his new purple belt


Jason Witkowski with his new brown belt