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Smooth Ben wins Brown Belt weight division!

Sorry about the bumpy video guys, but here is Ben winning his weight class (actually 2 weight classes up) at the 2011 AZ Open.


6th Arizona International Open


The MMA Lab team and JCBJJ Affiliates competed this past weekend in the 6th Arizona International Open and it was a great weekend.

The awards were given for the 2010 season and the MMA Lab adult team placed 2nd and the Lab kids placed 1st!  “Smooth” Ben Henderson also won the MVP award for best competitor for the 2010 season.

As for the results of this tournament weekend, both the Lab adults and kids placed 2nd, turning in many great performances in what was a very rewarding weekend.

Both Southwest MMA and Goodyear BJJ had very successful  tournaments with a number of medals to show for their efforts.

Thanks to everyone involved, it was an awesome time!  There are a few new photos on the MMA Lab photo page and we will be adding new videos to the competition page very soon.


Jared Doctolero became the MMA Lab’s newest purple belt yesterday!  Jared has been training for many years and is a great asset to our school.  Good job Jared!

Also, Kevin Scott, head instructor at Goodyear BJJ, welcomed his daughter to the world.  Kyra Scott is doing great (as are Mama and Daddy) and we could not be more happy for him.

Congratulations Kevin on the birth of your daughter!

Here is a photo of Jared with Benson after receiving his purple belt:

Some New Videos Added!

Hey guys, just got some videos from my good buddy Adam Fischer (thanks Adam!) and thought you would like to see them.

Check out the Photo/Video page and look under highlight reels.  We also just added Gritz’ victory over Shawn Scott in the EVO event.

Here is Ben’s TUF tryout tape, Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Kevin Scott from Goodyear BJJ shows the JCBJJ February technique of the month.

Kevin Scott (Goodyear BJJ) shows an armlock from side mount.  Kevin has a lot of experience and some great stuff on the mat.

Thanks for  the technique!