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Ben Henderson: Countdown to UFC 129 Vlog #10

Today was a good day! Ben got his official UFC gloves, made weight (after a small hiccup), and then got some food and rest.

It was exciting to see over 8,500 Canadien fans at the weigh-ins yesterday and the energy from them was awesome.

Sorry the blog was a few hours  late, we feel asleep waiting for the video to upload.

Game day today, see you there….


Ben Henderson: Countdown to UFC 129 Vlog #9

Ben spent the day doing interviews, photos and videos in preparation for his bout with Mark Bocek at UFC 129.

Things are going well and Ben is looking forward to dinner after the weigh-ins.  Hope you all are enjoying the vlogs, we are finally nearing the fight and are excited to show the world what we can do on Saturday night.


Ben Henderson: Countdown to UFC 129 Vlog #8

Today was a good day to rest and get to the gym to cut some weight.  Malki Kawa, aka “Money Never Sleeps” , got into town and everything is going great.  Thanks to everyone for the support, hope you enjoy Vlog #8!


Ben Henderson: Countdown to UFC 129 Vlog #7

We arrived in Toronto today, checked in and are ready to go.  Now for the worst part, the weight cut. Looking forward to the fight Saturday night, hope you guys are enjoying the vlogs.


Ben Henderson: Countdown to UFC 129 Vlog #6

Well, it is finally here; time to head to Toronto!  Ben’s last day in Arizona was a light one, with just some light workouts to get his metabolism going.  Here is Vlog #6 where Benson says “thank you” to some of the special people who have helped him get here.

Our next vlog, #7, will be from Toronto!  See you soon.


Ben Henderson: Countdown to UFC 129 Vlog #5

Well, it’s Easter Sunday ,and Benson is working and getting prepared for his UFC debut in Toronto. Not much action in the gym today, so we shared some of our favorite photos of Ben.  Hope you like them!


Efrain “Hecho en Mexico” Escudero prepares for Tachi Palace 9

Efrain Escudero continues his journey back to the UFC when he takes on fellow UFC veteran Fabricio Camoes at Tachi Palace 9  on Friday May 6.  Camoes is a tough opponent, boasting a 11-5-1 record.  This Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt is on a hot streak , knocking out his last opponent, Steve Lopez, with a vicious head kick early in the first round.  Though Fabricio is a tough opponent, Efrain (16-2) has been training hard and is on a 3 fight win streak of his own.  It should be a great fight and we are very excited to be part of it.  We will be posting some more video blogs from Efrain as he prepares for his next battle.  Good luck Efrain!