AZBJJF State Championship Pictures

This weekend was great as the team competed at the AZBJJF State Championships.  We finished in 3rd place, but had some great performances and scored more points than ever before.

The strength of our team comes from wonderful individuals, and we would like to share just a few of the medalists from this weekend.  Hope you enjoy!

Joe(1st div., 1st absolute purple), Scott (3rd div., 2nd absolute brown), Chris (1st div, 1st absolute purple)

R toL white gis: Isaac (1st div.) and Eric (2nd div.) Both these kids landed flying armbars!!!

Jonathon (2nd div.)

Dylan (1st Adult Blue div)  Dylan had a great showing in his first Adult Division!

The two on the far right: Maria (1st div., 3rd absolute), Vivian (1st div., 3rd absolute)

Chad (2nd div) with his wife Sarah.

Alfonso (1st div)

Juggy (1st div., 2nd absolute), Travis (2nd div., 3rd absolute)

Dontel (1st div)

Kevin Scott (1st div. purple), instructor of JCBJJ affiliate Goodyear BJJ.

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