Photos – Old Days

My first instructor class at the Gracie Academy.

Front row (L to R): Marc Laimon, Matt Bequette, Chris Brennan, Mauricio Zingano, Eric Maier.

Middle row (L to R): Mark Baumeister, Jonathon Burke, John Crouch, Zach, Dave Ruiz.

Back row (L to R): Richard Bresler, Vinnie, Royce Gracie, Mario, Brett, Sam Rand.

Caique giving me some advice….


Back row: Matt Bequette, Mario, John Crouch, Eric Maier, Mauricio Zingano, Chris Brennan

Front row: Marc Laimon, Brett, Mark Baumeister, Rorion Gracie, Royce Gracie, Sam Rand, Jonathan Burke, Richard Bresler


Front row: Ryron Gracie, Helio Gracie, Rener Gracie

Middle row: Brett, Marc Laimon, Sam Rand, Rorion Gracie, Dave Ruiz, Lowell Anderson

Back row: Jonathan Burke, Richard Bresler, Royce Gracie, Mark Buameister, Mario

The five guys who made it through the certification program at the Gracie Academy:

Eric Maier, Jonathan Burke, Marc Walder, Mark Baumeister, John Crouch (with Ryron and Rener)

4th of July at Royce’s house…. Ed O’neill is hiding in the back!



Luis Salazar working hard in the shipping room at the academy.

Ralek, Rener, Royce, John Crouch, and Ryron


Getting ready to head back to CO, I got to be in the center…

Mary Linden was awesome!

My birthday at our apartment

Front row: Mike Rose, Mark Walder, Luis Salazar, Daniel, Rener Gracie

Back row: John Crouch, Alexandre, Pedro Elias, Renato Freitas, Eric Maier, Art Alvarado, Ryron Gracie, Jonathan Burke

Me with Phil Migliarese…..Phil is a great guy!

Doing a demo in Orange County…Renato looking menacing in the back right.

Birthday at the Cheesecake Factory with Renato and Rener.

More Demo with Marissa Salazar.

Rorion and I at Universal Studios.

Me with Relson in Hawaii.

Jonathan and I took this with the guys from Relson’s school….lots of really good guys in this picture.

with Relson.

at my apartment with Caique, Helio, Royce and his son Konrey.

No gi training….with belts?

Relson and I

More Hawaii, with the Onkzuka brothers, Scott Devine and Barett Yoshida.

My nephew Ryan showing JB the choke he learned.

In Denver with Mile High Gracie, Royce Seminar.

Front row: Casey, Shelly Crouch, Audi Vigil, Morgan Patnode, Josh Kemper, Ryon Luscombe

Middle row: Joe Mares, Ron Briscoe, Unknown.

Back row: Esteban Mendoza, Matt Altschul, Robert Johnson, John Crouch, Royce Gracie, Pac man, Emmitt Carr, Colin Morrison, Unknown, Unknow,

Ron Griffin.

First trip to Cali with Alvin, he won his division and open weight.

Alvin with the Grand Master.

Caique came with me to Denver on a visit and did a seminar in the ATA TaeKwonDo.

This photo was taken in my Academy, the first Mile High Gracie.

Royce seminar @ Delgados

I had to post this so I can brag that I caught JB in an armlock…. 🙂

Adam Stokes, Me, Alvin Robinson, Griff after Alvin won the Ring of Fire lightweight belt.

My first class as an official Black Belt!

Front row: Stephen, Tyler Shirzadian, Morgan Patnode, Ron Briscoe, Steve.

Back row: Emmitt Carr, Beau Gaikowski, Colin Morrison, John Crouch, Griff, Dino, Adam Stokes.

My daughter helping me with class in the gi her mama made.

Royce and I at a seminar.

Royce and Kiera

Morgan with Royce and I when he got his blue belt.

Colin training with Royce.

Josh”the Crumpler” Kemper getting squeezed by Royce.

New Blue Belts.

Front row: Kong Thao, Emmitt Carr.

Back row: John, Josh Kemper, Colin Morrison, John Crouch, Brian Witherspoon.

Alvin, Me, Royce and Griff at my Academy.

with Jonathan at his Academy in Orlando.

Royce promoted me to Brown Belt and Griff to purple belt.

5 responses to “Photos – Old Days

  • WOZ

    Blast from the past! Wow coach, pretty impressive pix.
    It’s safe to say, you’ve been around the block.

    You da man!

  • Chuck Holland

    I just ran into your site. I was a student at the Torrance academy from 95 to 00. All the student instructors in these pics I learned from. Lowell and Richard were my first instructors. Phil even back then just owned everyone. Him and Rick put Philly on the map. I remember when Caiqe first came up from Brazil. Another awesome human. I never took any pics so these are a treasure to me. Thanks John.

    • jcbjj

      Sorry about the delay in response Chuck… I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, we were part of a very special time at the Gracie Academy. All the best to you!

  • Robert Lee Whitt - US Airways Pilot

    Hi John ,

    I miss those old days at the Gracie Academy with you as one of my best teacher and super person – John Crouch !


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