Photos – MMA Lab

Travis, Chris, Maria and Benson with the 2nd place team trophy

Gamal and his buddy, Slammer

Maria winning gold in her division

Ben with Daniel Madrid

Jonathan on the medal stand

2010 kids 1st place, adults 2nd

Ty on the podium after his weight class, 2 golds for him this weekend!

Travis after winning the gold in his weight class

Great to see Jason at the tourney

Chris on the podium after the second of his two gold medals

Mike accepting the kid’s first place trophy

Ben after his weight class

Z and I after his two golds

Sporting the Dethrone patch

Wyatt with his gold medal

Ben with his MVP for the 2010 season

Mike on the podium with his silver medal

Gritz, Ben and I at the end of camp

Yaotzin after his tough win in Yuma

MMA Lab Fight Team 2010


At the Lab grand opening with the Grandmaster and Royce

Efrain wins against Jeremy Larsen 1/29/11

Kids class promotions

with Helio

our upper belts:

Front row (l to r): Travis Jeffrey, Chris Gruetzemacher, Chris Zubrycki, Mike Martin, Kevin Scott

Back row (l to r): Renato Freitas, Ben Henderson,  John Crouch, Scott Lissy, Jason Witkowski

The team at the Strongheart nogi tournament.

The guys that had just been promoted; Travis, Gritz, Benson, Juggy and Z.

Royce gave Alvin his black belt!  The boys from Denver came down to support, it was a fun day.

Santino’s brown belt promotion, well deserved!

The Lab purple belts.

with Scott after he won his brown belt weight division and open weight.

with one of the girl scout troops, it was a really good class!

Efrain and the team after his demolition win in Yuma.

Ben’s mom with my children

One of our many Cheesecake factory celebrations, a throwback to my Gracie Academy days.

With the team after Victor’s win

Jason at Ben’s victory celebration in Chicago…Korean BBQ!

The brown belts…..the funny thing is Scott can do that pose too.

More kids!!

The gang at Celebrity Theatre after Charlie and Gritz had won their fights.

My good friend Rob Kahn came and gave a fantastic seminar.

Gritz and Charlie sharing first at Grapplers Quest in Vegas.

After another victory for Gritz.

one of the first tourneys we went to.

Gritz looking hungry, literally, at the weigh in for Strikeforce.

Chris is the greatest, the man behind the scenes…thank you Z!!!

The original Lab Elite; Alvin Robinson, Joe Veres, Del Hawkins, Ben Henderson

with the cool background….

“Mighty” Joe Veres.

Fight team practice


A very happy crowd at the promotions in June 2010

Right before the fight with Shane Roller in Chicago.

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