MMA Lab’s Weekend 10/22/11

Niko, Bill, Benson, Kelley, Gamal and Brandon at RITC 156

Saul with the guys from One-Blow KO


Gritz, Saul, and Ben

Hangin with Gritz pre fight

Team Pic after the win: Ben, Gritz, Saul, Crouch, and Darrell

Effy doing his thing

Nasty Guillotine!

With Yaddi after the win

At the Bellator press conference

Jordan from Goodyear BJJ on the podium


Mike Ravelo from the MMA Lab getting silver

Chris and Juggy sharing first for the absolute

Ben and Maria, who won a silver in her weight and gold in the absolute

Z, Benson, and Jersey

Tyler Rolland with his gold medal

Joe Gemma won 2 gold medals this weekend

The $ maker getting his gold in the absolute

Ben and I

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