Bad Boy Boxing 9/28/12

Brandon Newport backstage

Brandon Austin hanging out backstage

The team pre-game:

L to R: Adam Gillespey, Chad Masters, Brandon Austin, Chris Huber, Brandon Newport, Coach Bill, Shihan Nico

Slammer getting wrapped

The champ backstage with the UFC Countdown show cameras

Efrain, Yaddi, and Josh Corona backstage

Nico getting Brandon Newport wrapped

Brandon getting stretched

Coach Nico earned his keep….wrapping Chris Huber ๐Ÿ™‚

Brandon Austin with the Champ….1-0!

Coach Adam, Brandon Newport, and Coach Nico after a hard fought victory!

Chris Huber with the Champ after an impressive debut

The best team!

L to R: (front row) Benson Henderson, Brandon Newport, Efrain Escudero, Yaotzin Meza

(middle row) Maria Magana, Josh Corona, Darrell Parrish, Brandon Austin

(back row) Coach Bill, Chris Huber, Adam Gillespey, Chad Masters, Jordan Johnson, John Crouch, Shihan Nico

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