About Mile High Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

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Morgan Patnode

Morgan Patnode is a proud husband and father of two. He is enjoying raising his kids in Colorado. Other than Jiu Jitsu, Morgan enjoys fishing, camping and a good joke. Working in the construction trades since seventeen, Morgan likes to see things accomplished.

In 2001 Morgan Patnode walked through the doors of the Mile High Gracie Academy, and began training under John Crouch. After receiving a blue belt from Royce Gracie in ’02, Morgan moved to Wisconsin. There he took up training at the Henry Matamoros school.  Matamoros saw Morgan grow into a purple belt, and offered much insight into the ‘gentle art’. After competing all over the Midwest in events such as the Arnold Gracie’s and Naga Chicago, Morgan and family headed back to the Mile High city. Back at the Mile High Gracie Academy, Morgan’s Jiu Jitsu game soared under John Crouch.  After many local competitions , Morgan was awarded a brown belt by Royce Gracie.  Morgan attained a long sought after goal on January 14, 2012, when long time teacher and friend John Crouch promoted him to black belt.

For the last three years Morgan Patnode has been the head instructor at the Mile High Gracie Academy. He enjoys teaching and is still sharpening his skills, and has recently opened his own facility in Lakewood, Colorado. Morgan is now,  more than ever,  passionate about teaching the gentle art that is Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Morgan with other JCBJJ affiliates on the day of his black belt promotion.

Morgan with John and Josh Kemper, who was also awarded his black belt at this promotion.

Morgan with Royce after his Brown Belt promotion

Some new photos of the seminar on March 20, 2011

John with Colin, Morgan and Josh

The team in the new facility

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