Four New JCBJJ Purple Belts at The MMA Lab

It has been a great week at The Lab, as four long-time students got their well deserved promotions to purple belt.  On Monday night, Vivian Freitas and Brian Weinbrandt were promoted at the 7pm class.  Then, in the Wednesday 9am class, it was Tony Nolan and Alex Mendez’ turn.  It is such a great moment when you get your purple belt, a long tough wait, but one that is so very satisfying when you get there.  We want to thank these students for their hard work and dedication, you are role models for us all.  Congratulations guys, big things ahead for you all!


Top Row: (l to r) Chris Zubrycki, Michael Benjamin, Luis Ordonez, Jonathan Hill, Chad Wilson, Scott Boehler, James Strang

Bottom Row: (l to r) Jared Doctolero, Renato Freitas, Vivian Freitas, John Crouch, Brian Weinbrandt, Benson Henderson, Joe Gemma


Alex Mendez and Tony Nolan

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