“Gritz” Ready to take the next step

Chris Gruetzemacher has been training with some of the best lightweights in the world, including Efrain Escudero, Jamie Varner and World Champion Benson Henderson, for a long time. Gritz, who competes in the featherweight division, is ready to take the next step in his fight career.  Currently on a 9 fight win streak, this Strikeforce veteran steps into the ring at ShoFIGHT 20 against UFC veteran Roli Delgado on June 16 in Springfield, MO.  Delgado, a lanky 6′ 2″, is a BJJ Black belt, a seasoned competitor, and represents Gritz’ toughest test to date.

While respecting his opponent’s skills and experience, Gritz feels that this is his time to step up and show what he can do.

We are so proud of Gritz and all of the great effort he has given in his 5 years at the LAB and know that he will do his best next weekend.  Love you Gritz, Do your thing!!!

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