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Three New MMA Lab/JCBJJ Blue Belts

Three young deserving young men were awarded their blue belts this week at the MMA Lab. Corey Jones, Keith Hagen and Chris Vandermolen  all received their well deserved blue belts during class at the academy.  We are very proud of these guys, and very happy that they are an important part of our team.  Congratulations!!

Corey Jones

Keith Hagen

Chris Vandermolen

“Stormin” Bill Simmons: JCBJJ Featured Student of the Month, March 2012

Well, we have definately been slacking on the student of the month part of the site, but what a great way to get it picked back up again!

Meet Bill Simmons, 62 years young, and a student at the MMA Lab. Bill takes both kickboxing/Muay Thai classes and BJJ classes at the academy and is a role model for all of us who would like to make martial arts and fitness a life time endeavor.

Bill is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, and our place is lucky to have him as part of the team.  Hope you enjoy his story!

JCBJJ Competition Team Shines

This weekend at the 7th Annual AZ Open, the JCBJJ Competition team had a great showing.  The kid’s team did a wonderful job and ended up in 2nd place.  The adults followed that with a 2nd place of their own, and scored more points than they ever have.  Though the placements were great, the best part of the weekend was seeing the team interacting with each other. Parents with their children, teammates coaching each other, and the overall bond of our team were the high points of the whole weekend.  We are very proud of the people that make up our team, and we feel very lucky to be part of their journey.

Thank you!

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Two New MMA Lab/JCBJJ Blue Belts

This week we had two of our favorite students get promoted to blue belt.  Bill Simmons and Tim Leighton have both been long time students at the Lab, and it was great to put their new belts around their waist.  Congratulations guys and thank you for being part of our team!

Tim Leighton

Bill Simmons