The MMA Lab/JCBJJ Holiday Party was Awesome!

On Saturday, January 14, the MMA Lab hosted a holiday party and what a great time!  Bueno Burger provided great free food, “the” Reynaldo Moreno provided the entertainment, and the Jiu Jitsu promotions were great.  The very first JCBJJ black belts were Morgan Patnode and Josh Kemper of Mile High Gracie Jiu Jitstu.  What an honor to see such wonderful, dedicated guys reach a long strived for goal!  Our JCBJJ affiliates were all in one place for the first time as Kevin Scott (Goodyear BJJ) received his brown belt, Santino DeFranco (Southwest MMA) was promoted to 3rd degree brown belt, and Morgan and Josh (Mile High Gracie) were promoted to black.

From L to R: Kevin Scott (Goodyear BJJ), Morgan Patnode (Mile High Gracie), John Crouch and Santino DeFranco (Soutwest MMA)

It has been a great year and things have been challenging, exciting and fun.  Thanks to all for your support…can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring!

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