Two New MMA Lab/JCBJJ Purple Belts

On Wednesday, October 26 we added two new members to our purple belts; Chad Wilson and Jarret Aki. Both guys have been valuable members of the team for many years and are very tough on the mat. Chad just got done winning a silver medal in his weight division and gold in the absolute to wrap up his blue belt competition career. As if that isnt enough, Chad,  and his wife Sarah, just gave birth to twins! Congrats on a great couple of months for the Wilsons!

Jarret Aki is the secret ingredient at the MMA Lab, being the strength and conditioning coach to the MMA Lab Elite fight team.  He is always available to help everyone and is a wonderful person.  He has been training Jiu Jitsu the entire time the MMA Lab has been open and is the longest tenured staff member there. Thank you for everything Jarret, you are awesome!

Congratulations to the whole team, we do not get to these places in our lives without teammates to support us.  See you on the mat!

L to R: (bottom row) Joe Gemma, Chad Wilson, Ben Henderson, Renato Freitas, Jarret Aki, Chris Zubrycki

(top row) Jason Witkowski, Chris Gruetzemacher, Travis Jeffrey, Luis Ordonez, Mike Martin

Wednesday night class at the MMA Lab

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