Busy Weekend for the MMA Lab Team!

On Friday night, Saul Castro made his amateur debut at Bad Boy Boxing.  Saturday the IBJJF Southwest Classic began, Efrain fought at Bellator, Kelley fought at RITC and our own Rick Roufus fought in Las Vegas.  Sunday morning the tournament continued bright and early.

How did it go?

Saul won his debut by dominating him and finishing him in the third via TKO.  Kelley finished his fourth opponent in four fights by putting the guy to sleep with a Von Flue choke.

Rick Roufus won with an incredible spinning backfist in the third round of his fight.  Efrain finished his opponent with a mounted guillotine in the first round.

And , finally, the JCBJJ competition team finished third at the tournament, garnering 13 gold medals throughout the weekend.

We are so proud of all our competitors and their efforts in their competition. Win or lose we will always fight to the end in any competition we have.

Congratulations to everyone,what an awesome way to spend the weekend!

Click on the photo below to see some pictures from the weekend.


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