JCBJJ Featured Student of the Month: September 2011

It’s time, once again, to meet one  our JCBJJ team members. This month we are proud to introduce you to Ty Parten from the MMA Lab.

When Ty joined the Lab, he had already had a great career as a high level competitor;  he  was a stand out college football player at the University of Arizona, and played in the NFL with the Bengals and the Chiefs.  This background has enabled him to really excel at jiu jitsu but his love of learning is really his greatest attribute on the mats.

Ty has been successful in tournament competition as well, winning his weight division and absolute division in both tournaments he competed in.  The best part about those tournaments?

Seeing Ty supported by his wonderful family.  His wife, Carolyn, his daughter ,Emilie, and his sons; Clay and Travis watch him compete, along with his father and brother.

Ty’s love of competition and sports, along with his great sense of humor,  have made him a perfect fit and a  great addition to our team and we feel very lucky to be part of his journey.

Thank you Ty!

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Ty and his family

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