Monthly Archives: June 2011

Three New Goodyear BJJ/JCBJJ Blue Belts

Tonight at the Goodyear BJJ seminar, three young men received their blue belts.  Congratulations to Kevin, Tyler and Dan, you guys are doing a great job!

From L to R: Kevin Scott, Tyler Aravelo, Dan, Kevin, John Crouch



Promotion Seminar tonight at Goodyear BJJ

Tonight was a fun night as we had a seminar at Kevin Scott’s school and JCBJJ affiliate Goodyear BJJ.  Kevin is doing a great job with his school and his students are improving rapidly, with three new blue belts and multiple students getting stripe promotions.  Many of the Lab’s brown and purple belts came to support and be part of a great night.  Thanks Kevin, we had a great time!

Jason Witkowski, MMA Lab, shows the JCBJJ Technique of the Month for June

Jason moved to Arizona a couple of years ago and has been a huge asset to our gym and the Lab family. He has helped teach our kids program and has shown us some great tricks that he brought with him from New Jersey.

Here he shows a cool half guard sweep to a knee bar that has been working on a lot of folks around the Lab.  Even Big Scott makes a cameo as “Jersey” shows us this awesome technique.

Thanks Jason!